Bahati necklace is an amazing piece of jewelry beautifully crafted in gold, incredibly high-detailed that famous artist Bella Bombast just designed for you to enjoy.

Many jewelry stores out there just produce the same pieces over and over, some with a slight variation and consider it a new line! Well, you will never see that at UZURI STORE.

Bella Bombast, the SL queen of the ethnic/boho look pushes jewelry as an Art form and challenges existing perceptions of craft.

You are going to be wowed by the unique quality of this BAHATI Necklace !

And remember… Accessories make the woman. Mix and match, and create our very own style, different from everyone !

Come and visit us on Xstreet :



Your skin, shape, hair, nails, eyes, clothes, and even your HUD is part of what makes your avatar unique to you.

To begin with, your skin is the base coat to your avatar. It is the one thing that defines more than anything else your general appearance and sets your style point

Your shape is also a big part of your avatar. It is argued that you should have your shape before even considering a skin, so take that for what it’s worth.

Well this being said, Bella Bombast (Uzuri) and Tanaquil Beaumont (Dunes) have been working together to come up with the perfect body, skin and shape we all dreamt we would fit in someday.

Just head over to Uzuri Store  as it won’t come to you, and try a demo… You will be all like “oh my ! I am so damn cute !!!”
Yes, there is a good chance you’ll be mesmerized by the most high detailed and realistic skins as well as the incredible shapes Bella and Tanaquil came up with.

 Have a look right there…

Now, tell me I am wrong …… Hell no !!!

The Xmas pudding,  the New Year’s Eve extras and the sleepless nights weren’t enough to keep Bella Bombast down as the super talented busy bee came up with some new creations.

The latest one : a new biker jacket, Bella designed with Oskar Martian, one of the SL Sculpt God that gives complexes to most of us.
You ought to check this new release out at Uzuri Store !
It’s this kind of jacket that makes you want to get on your Harley and head down on the road ! Not kidding here…

Have a look and just imagine how much better you will look with this on, rather than some creepy piece of clothes you wish you never bought !

Colors available are off red, green, violet, gold, blue, black and choco.

Ok, I will be the first one to admit that I am big fan, and not because I work for Uzuri, but because of what Bella creates and the way it makes me feel when wandering the streets of SL. Quite hot indeed !!!

Still have a doubt ? Well, come on in and check it out by yourself at Uzuri Store. (By the way,the store has been redesigned to improve both, the look and the feel… ).

Have a wonderful time inworld !

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet lately… Poor blog ! I’ve been neglecting you of late, but Bella Bombast has been working hard on quite few things and we are now proud to announce that Uzuri Store doubled in size at its same location !

We are giving you a lot more reasons to shop here, so, you’d better check out. There should be something there (we do hope !) to suit all tastes.

In the meantime, a merry Christmas to all of you !!!
Enjoy the good time with your family and friends, but you’d better be good and still fit into your jeans in the New Year !


Bella Bombast, the vibrant and energetic owner of Uzuri, places customer satisfaction as the centerpiece of her business.

Thanks to her experience, enthusiasm and gift for envisioning the creative possibilities, she came up with some great idea and decided she would give a chance to each member of Uzuri group to try her new releases before buying it. Quite cool isn’t it ?

So, each time she will come up with a brand new creation, she will send it to each Uzuri group member as a demo.
Try it before you buy it will save you money by telling you what’s worth your cash !

Already a member ? New releases will automatically be sent to you.
Not a Uzuri member yet ? Well, you’d better hurry and join the Uzuri group or you’ll miss the bus !


“The grand final was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely,” said manager Ayanna Mubble, “it was a wonderful moment”.
So, big thanks to everyone who showed up at our major event of the year yesterday and to all the jury members who looked for excellence and took their job very seriously.

Slowly Bury was crowned Miss Uzuri 2009 on Friday, beating out 9 other beauty queens in the pageant which took place at Uzuri Store. The top 10 contestants worked the amazing stage in showing off their choice of glittering clothing as the famous American DJ Preston performed.

 Congrats to Slowly Bury. You looked beautiful !

 Miss Uzuri 2009 : Slowly Bury

2nd place : Fuzz Lennie

3rd place : EmeraldEyes Honi

Today, Friday Nov. 27th  is the big day for Miss Uzuri 2009 pageant when the winner will be crowned at Uzuri Store right after the final at 11:00AM SLT.
To the delight and excitement of most of us, the 10 finalists still in competition will shine like a moon on the skyline of glamour world.

The overall beauty of the Contestants, their confidence, their “yes-we-can-do-it” attitude will be the principle concentration in the judging and presentation.

DJ Preston will open the competition with fire and will rock the event with a compilation of his most amazing remixes while the contestants will start again with equal chances showing us their best talents in a very colorful manner.

Let’s bet it will be one of such evenings which in its “happenings “ will go many miles beyond your widest expectations

Just as a reminder :

First place
 ✪ L$20 000
✪ Modelling courses at EVANE, Mimi Boa’s famous agency and an exclusive interview in Essence of Style Magazine.
✪ Jewelry, shapes, and many other surprises…    

Second place
✪ Lessons at Patty Cortes’s prestigious modelling agency GLANCE.
✪ L$2000 gift token available on all Uzuri shop

Third Place 
✪ L$3000
✪  L$1000 Gift token available on Uzuri shop.

But for now, relax and sit back, folks.
The pageant has not even started !!!